The Affordable Care Act and Employee Eligibility at NC State University

Scroll through the scenarios below to see how various parts of the ACA laws impact hiring.

Temporary Employees

Scenario 1

Our department wants to hire a temp in January.  If we hire someone at 20 hours per week or less, do we still have to pay anything for health coverage under the ACA?

Answer:  Maybe.  If you hired someone who has never worked at NC State or within the UNC System, you would be safe in not having to pay for health coverage under the ACA.  However, if your temp is hired in another job on campus for say 12 hours a week in addition to your 20 hours a week, this may trigger ACA health coverage eligibility.  At this point, your department might be on the hook for up to 2/3 of the cost of health coverage.

Scenario 2

We want to hire a temp employee in January, but only work them for 25 hours a week.  We do not have the money in our budget to pay for health insurance.  Are we okay doing this?

Answer:  Maybe. As in the situation in Scenario 1, other jobs/hours, could impact eligibility.  It is also very important to realize that if the person you hire has worked at the University/UNC System in any capacity in the last 12 months (measurement period), this may also impact ACA health coverage eligibility due to the break in service rules and standard measurement periods.


Scenario 1

Our office always hires students under the Work Study program.  Does this have any impact on ACA health eligibility?

Answer:  No.  The ACA rules exempt Federal and State Work Study program hours from the ACA eligibility rules.

Scenario 2

We have a grad student that works for us part-time.  He may have a grad appointment as well.  Since he has health coverage under the Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP), we do not have to worry about ACA health coverage, right?

Answer:  No, you will need to be concerned about this.  The Graduate School has certain rules for NC State employment for graduate students. You will want to consult with them on this.  The GSSP (Graduate Student Support Program) does not meet the ACA rules for employer-provided health coverage.  Realize that if you hire someone that is on a .5 FTE (20 hours/week) appointment and your office has hired him for 10 hours/week for the semester, this person is potentially eligible for ACA health coverage.  ACA health coverage is offered through the State Health Plan and the GSSP has no impact on this.  The HR Benefits Office would have to offer this person the ACA health coverage.  If accepted, your department would be responsible for all or a portion of the monthly cost.  This person could be on both the GSSP and the ACA plan if desired.