Adverse Weather Procedures

All employees who lose work time due to University closings for adverse weather and other emergency conditions, must make up the time within 90 days. Employees have the option to charge their weather-related time loss to vacation, bonus, or compensatory time.

Reporting Time Made Up Within 90 days of the Adverse Weather Event

Employees can opt to make up time lost to adverse weather. This time is logged and tracked in the Post Adverse Weather section of the Employee Leave System

  • Time loss charged to adverse weather is made up and posted into the Employee Leave System.
  • The system tracks all Adverse Weather transactions and provides details on the Adverse Weather Aging and Monthly Breakdown reports (available from the main menu).
  • The system generates monthly status emails to the employee, the employee’s Supervisor, and the Leave Administrator

Charging Time Loss to Leave Time

When transferring leave from vacation or bonus to cover time missed, make sure that another transaction has not been submitted for the same date and time.

Employees must report time missed immediately on their return to work. To submit information regarding Adverse Weather,

  • Select Post Adverse Weather from the main menu.
  • Enter Specifics of Adverse Weather; Transaction will display.

All fields, except Comments, require input on the page. The following fields are displayed.

Type of Leave: Decrease (Time Missed), Increase (Time Made Up)

  • To post time missed due to adverse weather, select Decrease (Time Missed)
  • To post time made up after an inclement weather event, select Increase (Time Made Up)

Note: This field defaults to Increase (Time Made Up). Selecting Reset to make any changes will return this field to Increase (Time Made Up).

Begin: thru

  • Use these 6 input areas to record the time and date of the beginning and ending of either the adverse weather event or, for a previously recorded time loss, when you made up the time.
  • The default Begin time is 08:00 am; the thru (end time) is 05:00 pm. Edit the time(s), if necessary, using a 12 hour (hh:mm) format. Select am or pm using the arrow buttons. The dates can be entered either by typing in mm/dd/yyyy or by selecting a date with the calendar button.

Note: Work time missed due to adverse weather must be made up within 90 days of the date the adverse weather situation was reported.

Total Amount Earned: Hour(s) / Minutes

  • Enter the total number of hours and minutes of work either lost to adverse weather or recouped by time made up.

Submit the Request

  • Click when the request is completed. When the transaction has been accepted, the employee’s individual Adverse Weather Transactions page will display.


  • Click to modify a request prior to submitting it.

Note: Selecting Reset will clear all the entries on the page and will set the Type of Leave indicator to Increase (Time Made Up).

The employee submits transactions for time made up until the total time lost has been recouped and cleared from the system.

Reporting Time after the 90 Day Adverse Weather Expiration Date

Employees are allowed up to 90 days in which they can make up time for work missed due to adverse weather. After the 90 day expiration date,

  • Any time not made up must be charged to leave (i.e., Vacation, Comp, or Bonus) OR
  • The Leave Administrator must adjust the employee’s next paycheck.

Charging Time Loss to Leave Time for Expired Adverse Weather Time Taken

To charge Leave Time for expired Adverse Weather Time Taken, the employee performs two transactions in the Web Leave System.

  1. In the Web Leave System, at the Submit Request page, enter a leave transaction as vacation, comp, or bonus leave. Include a description in the Comments section (e.g., “2 hours of vacation taken to clear expired adverse weather time taken”).
  2. Enter Adverse Weather Time Made Up for the same amount of leave inputted in Step 1 above.

The date entered for both steps listed above must be the same date and must be a date prior to the expiration date of the Adverse Weather. Entering these transactions clears the employee’s expired Adverse Weather time that was not made up before the expiration date.

Adjusting Paychecks for Expired Adverse Weather Time Taken

If an employee’s paycheck must be adjusted to settle expired Adverse Weather time taken, the Leave Administrator must access and complete the Post Adverse Weather page from the Employee Leave System’s main menu. The request should include a description (e.g., Hours deducted from paycheck dated mm/dd/yy to offset Adverse Weather on mm/dd/yy) in the Comments section.

Note: The date(s) entered must be before or equal to the date of the expired Adverse Weather date.

Once the time loss has been allocated to leave time, or an adjusted paycheck has been requested, the Leave Administrator must update the employee’s Adverse Weather record to reflect the resolution of the hours missed and how they were recouped.