Dependent Eligibility

Dependent children are only eligible to be included in your benefits plan within certain age ranges and under certain conditions.

Health Plan

Any dependent between the ages of birth-26 can remain/enroll in the State Health Plan on the parent’s coverage regardless of student status when newly eligible or with a qualifying life event. The dependent will be removed from the State Health Plan automatically at the end of the month in which he/she turns 26.  Click here for information on making changes to your health insurance.

NCFlex Benefits

Dependent children may be covered until age 26.  Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Accounts can be used for children up to the age of 13. Contact the University Benefits Office approximately 30 days prior to the child’s birth date to adjust NCFlex benefits and/or spending account deduction amounts.

Click here for information on making changes to your NCFlex plans or consult with your Benefits Consultant.

MetLife Group Term Life Insurance

Coverage is available for dependent children up to the age of 25. Coverage for dependent children who lose dependent status due to age may be converted to an individual policy.

Contact the Benefits Office to remove ineligible dependent children approximately 30 days prior to the date of ineligibility, and to request conversion information. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify the Benefits Office when a child ages off of the plan.


Family status changes can lead to updating federal and/or state tax withholding exemptions. Visit the University Payroll web site to obtain withholding forms and to estimate tax liability.