Employee Data Changes

As a Leave Administrator, you deal with a situations where employee data changes. These instructions will help you ensure that employees are properly entered in the Web Leave System and that their leave time accrues correctly.

Add a New Employee

Full-Time Employees

A newly hired SHRA, EHRA or Post Doc employee will be automatically entered into the leave system as of the Human Resources (HR) action effective date.


Leave accrual amounts for EHRA Tier II employees default to 16 hours for vacation and 8 hours for sick leave.  The Leave Administrator will need to manually adjust the annual leave accrual rates to 17 hours and 20 minutes for newly hired Tier I EHRA employees. 


SHRA/COSS employees are subject to the Annual Leave Accrual policy as outlined by the Office of State Human Resources. SHRA/COSS accruals will automatically populate in the Web Leave System. 

Post Docs/House Officers

Post Docs and House Officers earn 8 hours per month for annual and 8 hours per month for sick leave.  Post Doc and House Officers accruals will automatically populate in the Web Leave System.

Note: The employee’s email address defaults to a standard; be sure to verify it is correct.

  • If the employee is hired after the 14th of the month of employment, adjust the leave record by submitting a transaction to increase the leave type.

Do not enter the amount of leave the employee accrues per month in the data field for vacation/sick, the system will generate the hours accrued; these fields are for beginning balances only.

Part-Time Employees

If the employee accrues works a part-time or reduced schedule and/or has an assignment of less than 12 months, the Web Leave System will automatically prorate the accrual to reflect the correct amount of leave.

Rehired Employees

Employees who have transferred to another department or have been rehired must be manually added/restored to the system.  Please refer to the Web Leave System Leave Administrator Manual for instructions on how to add employees to the Web Leave System.

Transfer An Employee

The Leave Administrator in the department that the employee is leaving is responsible for transferring the employee to the new department.  Please refer to the Web Leave System Leave Administrator Manual for instructions on how to transfer employees to the Web Leave System.

Note:  If the employee is transferring from another state agency and has a sick and vacation leave balance, you can update the balance information on the Modify Employee Data Option.

Temporary and EHRA 9-Month Employees

Temporary and EHRA 9-month faculty employees do not earn leave and are only entered into leave system if they are a Leave Administrator or a Supervisor. The Leave Administrator should enter these employees in the database with zeros in the accrual time for vacation and sick.

Delete/Terminate An Employee

Prior to an employee leaving the University, the leave administrator should reconcile the leave balances. Once the leave is verified, the Leave Administrator the Leave Administrator should

  • Print the monthly breakdown report.
  • Have the employee and supervisor sign the report.
  • Place the report in the employee’s file.
  • Delete the employee in the Leave System.

To Delete Employee

  • Modify Employee Database
  • Highlight the employee
  • Select Delete
  • Are you sure you want to Delete this Employee? Select Yes
  • Select Submit

Note: If the employee being deleted is a Leave Administrator, the Department should submit a Security Application Request to remove the employee from the Leave Administrator table.