Maternity and Paternity Leave

Having a baby?  Adopting a child?  The Family and Medical Leave policy provides 12 workweeks of unpaid, job protected leave in a 12-month period for the birth, care for and/or adoption of a child or newborn, and placement of the child with you for foster care.

When should you apply

You should provide notice of your planned leave at least 30 days prior to the birth or adoption of a child.  Family and Medical Leave can be used prior to the birth or adoption or placement of the child for foster care to cover physician appointments, periods of bed rest or disability, and to attend appointments related to the adoption or placement of the child.

How do I start the process

Note:  All requests for FML must be entered through the WolfTime Leave and Timekeeping system.

Once your Family and Medical Leave Request has been entered into WolfTime, depending on your circumstances, you must complete the following forms or provide the following information:

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Maternity and Paternity Leave

Have Additional Questions? Contact the Leave Administration Unit