Military Leave

Leave with pay, up to a maximum of 120 hours each federal fiscal year (Oct-Sept) (pro-rated for part-time employees) shall be granted to members of the uniformed services for:

  • Active duty for training (annual training or special schools, including an authorized training program for the National Disaster Medical System)
  • Inactive duty training (drills – usually on weekends)
    If the drill is not scheduled on the employee’s off-day, the employee has the option of requesting that the work schedule be rearranged, or the employee may use any unused portion of the 120 hours leave with pay, vacation/bonus leave or leave without pay.

Additional military leave needed for training can be charged to vacation/bonus leave or leave without pay at the discretion of the employee.

Who’s Eligible?

SHRA and EHRA employees who are full-time or part-time (half-time or more), including Research Associate (Post-doc), Teaching Associate (Post doc), Resident (Post-doc) and Intern (Post-doc) and who are permanent, probationary, trainee or time-limited.

How Do I Apply?

  • Employee should provide notification to department/supervisor of upcoming duty and/or schedule changes as soon as known.
  • Employee should present a copy of the orders received, which reflects the effective date of the military service obligation.
  • For periods eligible for military leave with differential pay, the agency requires the employee to provide a copy of their Leave and Earnings Statement or similar document covering the period eligible for differential pay.
  • The employee is responsible for advising department/supervisor verbally or in writing the intention of returning for reinstatement within the time limits defined under Reinstatement from Military Leave Without Pay.

Department/Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Enter the hours charged to military, vacation and or bonus leave in the WolfTime Leave and Timekeeping System.
  • If the employee chooses to be paid out for vacation/bonus leave, an additional pay action must be entered by campus personnel representatives to payout unused vacation (up to 240 hrs) and/or bonus leave.
  • Differential pay will be entered into the Human Resources System by campus personnel representatives on a monthly basis through an additional pay request action once the 30 calendar days of full pay have been taken. The earnings code is 077 for Military Differential Pay.
  • If the employee goes on leave without pay status, enter a Human Resources System action with the action/reason of Leave of Absence/Military Service.

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