Name and/or Address Changes

If you have a legal name change, you have two options for processing this request: (1) visiting Employee Self Service or (2) scheduling an appointment with an HRIM Specialist.

(Note: If you are enrolled as a student please work with registration and records to process your name change.)

Option 1: Via Employee Self Service

  • Visit Employee Self Service within MyPackPortal and select the Personal Details icon. Once on the Personal Details page, please select the Names option from the menu on the left (see below).
    Name Change
  • Once you select the Names option, two names will be listed. The first will be the legal name. Click on the legal name line to begin the name change process. (Please note that Postdoc employees must use option 2)
  • The documents that you will need to proceed with a legal name change are the following:
    • a clear and legible copy of the front and back of the new social security card, and
    • a clear and legible copy of a valid photo ID, (i.e. Driver License ID, NCSU Badge ID, Passport)

Option 2: Via a Scheduled Appointment With an HRIM Specialist

  • For assistance with a legal name change you may schedule an online appointment (via Zoom) with an HRIM specialist. To schedule an appointment, please fill out this google form and an HRIM specialist will contact you to confirm.

By updating your address and/or having your name changed in the MyPack Portal the following vendors will receive your address and/or name change automatically:

  • Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System
  • State Health Plan
  • NCFlex Vendors (dental, vision, flex spending, NCFlex life, AD&D, critical illness, cancer)
  • MetLife Group Term Life Insurance
  • Hyatt Legal Plan
  • Lincoln Financial Group Long Term Disability
  • Standard Long Term Disability
  • TIAA-CREF ORP, 403(b) or 457
  • Fidelity ORP, 403(b) or 457
  • Prudential 401(k) & 457

For the following benefits, please update your address and/or name by calling the vendor directly:

  • Automobile & Homeowners Insurance (Traveler’s): 919-847-4909