Timekeeping and Leave Reminders

Timekeeping and Time Approval

All non-exempt employees in regular benefits-eligible positions (subject to FLSA/overtime rules) must record time using the electronic time sheet which can be found in the Human Resources’ A-Z index. View the document called Time sheet, Monthly, Excel Version https://hr.ncsu.edu/forms/#T.

IMPORTANT: To ensure accuracy of time reported and proper payment, employees must download the electronic time sheet every month. It is regularly updated and enhanced and includes formulas to facilitate proper payment. Employees who save an old file or who print the time sheet will not benefit from the calculations that are built into the form.

Supervisors MUST review copies of the electronic time sheet, verify hours worked are accurate, and sign the copy indicating their approval to pay for hours worked and for the employee to accrue comp time if applicable.

Temporary employees and student workers record time through the KABA timekeeping system. Supervisors are responsible for reviewing the time recorded in KABA and for approving hours worked.

Non-exempt employees may not work more hours than they are regularly scheduled to work with advanced notice of the supervisor.

TRAINING ON TIMEKEEPING and use of the JAR and KABA systems is available on a regular basis. Upcoming sessions include:

  • Processing Faculty and Non-Faculty Perm Appointments- December 5th

Questions? Contact Vance Prince at 5-4292 or Vance_Prince@ncsu.edu.


Employees must use accrued compensatory time (comp time) before using paid leave to cover absences from work. Comp time that is not used will be paid out after 12 months.

Questions? Contact Patti Sajecki at 5-4272 or plsajeck@ncsu.edu.