Adverse Weather Reminders & Reporting

As we approach the upcoming winter months, we would like to remind you about the University’s adverse weather policies and conditions. If adverse weather is declared by NC State University, it will either be a condition 1 or condition 2.  These will apply to the Wake County area.  County extension offices across the state may be impacted by adverse weather in different ways and should follow their established protocols.


Condition 1: Classes are in session and the University is open but some operations may be reduced. During adverse weather condition 1, employees should take reasonable precautions for personal safety. Mandatory employees must report to or remain at work. Non-mandatory employees should make a good faith effort to remain at or report to work taking reasonable precautions and judgments for personal safety.
Condition 2:  Classes are cancelled and the university is open on a very limited basis with only mandatory operations functioning. Mandatory employees must remain at or report to work. Non-mandatory employees must leave or not report to work and must use leave (comp, annual, or bonus) or make up time based on departmental need within 90 days of the event. Non-mandatory employees may also work remotely if authorized to do so.

Reporting Adverse Weather

You may use leave to make up your adverse weather time.
  1. Log in to the MyPack Portal and go to the Employee Self Service section.
  2. Click on the WolfTime tile.
  3. Next click on Request Absence
  4. Use the drop down menu to select the appropriate absence type which are approved to offset the hours taken for adverse weather:
    • Annual or Comp
    • Bonus Leave
    • Special Bonus Leave
  5.  In the comment section for each leave used simply type in “adverse weather”

Remote Work

  • Non-Exempt (you clock in and clock out for work): If you are non-exempt and are authorized to work remotely during adverse weather, you can clock in/clock out through the online WolfTime system (desktop/mobile device).
  • Exempt: If you are exempt and authorized to work remotely, you should notify your supervisor/manager if you elect to work remotely during an adverse weather event.

Questions and Information

During adverse weather or other emergency conditions, the status of the university is announced on the Adverse Weather or Other Emergency Conditions Hotline (919-513-8888) and on the university’s website,
  • Payroll time reporting questions should be directed to the HR Benefits Office at 919-515-2151 or at
  • Any questions concerning the status of parking lots, streets, sidewalks, public transit routes and building access may be directed to the Grounds Weather Event Desk at 919-515-9422.

The complete Adverse Weather and Other Emergency Conditions Policy can be found at

A copy of the 3D memo for adverse weather issued on January 3, 2018 can be viewed at