Well Wolfpack Certified Program

Well Wolfpack Certified Program

The Well Wolfpack Certification annually distinguishes departments who have made a commitment to cultivating a culture of wellness in the workplace. If your unit supports and encourages staff and faculty health and wellness, apply to be recognized as a Well Wolfpack Certified Organization. Certify your organization by completing the Well Wolfpack Certified Organizations Online Form

The certification application includes points in the areas of:

  • Active Workplace
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Culture of Wellness


Gold Certified


151-168 points (90 – 100%)

Silver Certified


134 -150 points (80 – 89%)

Bronze Certified


117 – 133 points (70 – 79%)

Use the certification as a way to promote your organization, including displaying the certificate or certification seal on your website.

How to Certify

The Well Wolfpack Certified Program provides recognition to departments, divisions, and colleges who support and encourage staff and faculty’s health and well-being by promoting and modeling NC State’s Six Elements of Wellness. The Certification is based on a point system evaluating your units application/participation of the following questions:

> Has your workplace provided resources on Physical Activity to staff and faculty.
> Has your workplace provided workshops or seminars on physical activity?
> Does your workplace allow for stretch or fitness breaks throughout the workday?
> Does your workplace encourage the use of stairs?
> Does your unit encourage walking meetings?
> Does your unit participate in walking challenges (ex: Miles for Wellness, My Fitness Pal or FitBit groups)?
> Does your organization utilize active workplace tools (ie. standing desks, active sitting balls, etc.)?
> Does your organization participate in group fitness activities ( ie. Zumba,Yoga, etc.)?

> Has your workplace provided resources on Emotional Well-being to staff and faculty.
> In the past six months, has your organization provided educational seminars, workshops, or presentations on stress management, sleep, time management or other emotional wellbeing topics?
> Does your organization encourage breaks throughout the day to recharge?
> Does your organization support employees taking regular vacation and sick leave as needed?
> Does leadership demonstrate an understanding and commitment to work-life balance?

> Has your workplace provided resources on Healthy Eating to staff and faculty.
> In the past six months, has your organization provided educational seminars, workshops, or classes on benefits and guidelines for healthy eating?
> Does your organization have at least one water source available to employees (ie. water fountain, hydration station)?
> Does your organization make dietary accomodations (ie.vegan, gluten-free, etc.) for employees and participants when hosting meetings, conferences, and special events?
> Does your organization provide healthy food and drink options (ie. vegetables, fruit, water, etc.) when hosting meetings, conferences, and special events?

Has your workplace provided resources on the following:
> Quitline NC
> Benefits
> Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less
> Flu Shot Clinics
> Miles for Wellness Challenge
> Financial Well-being Workshops
> Information on Employee Appreciation Events
> Information on the Wolfpack Way of Life NC State Wellness Fair

> In the past six months, has your organization provided wellness communication such as emails, newsletters, etc. to promote wellness?
> Have workstations in your organization been evaluated by Environmental Health & Safety to ensure they are ergonomically sound?
> Does your organization provide a private space and adequate time for lactating mothers?
> Does your organization have an active and engaged NC State Wellness Champion?
> Does your organization celebrate success with regard to wellness initiatives and behavior change?
> Does your organization demonstrate an understanding of the value and importance of wellness?
> Does leadership in your organization consistently articulate the value and importance of wellness (ie.making the connection between wellness and productivity/performance)?
> Does leadership in your organization participate in wellness related programs and activities?
> Does leadership in your organization serve as a role model for prioritizing wellness and work-life balance (ie. participates in wellness events, takes breaks during the work day, etc.)?

For additional Information, please contact:

Britt Hurst
Employee Recognition and Wellness Program Manager, HR

Shannon DuPree
Wellness Director, DASA

2018 Certified Organizations

NC State Organization Certification Level
Academic Advising Programs and Services Gold
BTEC-Engineering Gold
DELTA- Provost’s Office Gold
Industry Expansion Solutions – Engineering Gold
McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education Gold
NC State Transportation Gold
The Graduate School Gold
Student Health Services Gold
Wellness and Recreation Gold
Career Development Center Silver
College of Veterinary Medicine Silver
Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life Silver
Department of English Silver
Institute for Nonprofit Silver
NC Sea Grant Silver
Office of Information Technology Silver
University Communications Silver
University Temporary Services Silver
NC State Human Resources Silver
CALS Personnel Bronze
College of Sciences Deans Office Administration Bronze
EcoVillage Bronze
NC Cooperative Extension – Currituck County Bronze
Office for Institutional Equity and Diversity Bronze
Real Estate and Development Bronze
Rural Works! Bronze
Study Abroad Office Bronze

2017 Certified Organizations

NC State Organization Certification Level
Exploratory Studies Gold
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Gold
Office of Contract and Grants Gold
University Recreation Gold
Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Silver
Facilities: Building Services Silver
NC Sea Grant and NC Water Resource Research Institute Silver
Office of the University Architect Silver
NC State Human Resources Silver
McKimmon Center For Extension and Continuing Education Silver
Career Development Center Bronze
Counseling Center Bronze
Department of English Bronze
Facilities: In-House Construction Management Bronze
Fraternity and Sorority Life Bronze
Graduate School Bronze
Transportation Bronze
University Communications Bronze
University Sustainability Office Bronze

Well Wolfpack Certified Event

A Well Wolfpack Certified Event is an opportunity for campus events to be recognized for their commitment to the well-being of the NC State community. Each event will be evaluated independently and recognition will be based on its ability to incorporate at least one element of wellness within the event.

Certify your event by completing the Well Wolfpack Certified Event form below.

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