Bonus Leave

Bonus Leave is special Annual Leave provided to active, leave-eligible, permanent State employees specifically designated by the NC General Assembly on a specific date also designated.

Who’s Eligible?

Bonus Leave is credited to employees who are actively working. For employees on workers’ compensation leave, leave for reserve active duty or leave without pay, Bonus Leave is rewarded upon the employee’s return to work. Bonus Leave is prorated based on the following criteria:

  • Full-time leave-eligible employees who work less than 12 months
  • Permanent part-time leave-eligible employees (> .5 FTE)

Note: Post-doc employees and 9-month Faculty do not earn Bonus Leave.

Bonus Leave Given Over the Years by the State

Requesting Time Off?

Employees should submit a request for Bonus Leave to their supervisor; employee preferences should be considered and schedules worked out bearing in mind individual departmental needs. Bonus Leave shall be used after all compensatory time has been used, and may be used for any purpose for which regular Annual Leave is used.

Can I Carry Over Bonus Leave?

Any balance of Bonus Leave on December 31 will be retained by the employee and carried forward into the next calendar year. It will not be part of the maximum 240 hours of Annual Leave that can be retained and it will not be subject to conversion to Sick Leave.

Can Bonus Leave Transfer or be Paid-Out?

Any Bonus Leave balance can be transferred with the transferring employee to another State agency eligible for Bonus Leave. NC State will accept bonus leave for EHRA and SHRA employees coming from UNC schools or State of North Carolina agencies.

Bonus Leave balances can be paid out in additional to regular Annual Leave payouts if the employee separates or the employee changes to a non-leave eligible status. Bonus Leave may be applied to negative leave balances.

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