Wolfpack Wellness

Our goal is to ‘Build a Thriving Pack’ by assisting NC State Faculty and Staff in achieving healthy lifestyle goals by providing programs and services that address the six elements of wellness.

NC State Definition of Wellness

Wellness is the connected and interactive combination of six elements that foster a balanced, holistic life. This is achieved by having: love for what is done each day, the security of finances, the vibrancy of physical health, self-awareness and emotional resiliency, quality relationships, and pride in what is contributed to our communities

NC State University has created a multifaceted wellness strategy which serves as the institution’s approach for university wellness initiatives. It is derived from foundational frameworks of the socioecological model of health promotion, common language from the Gallup-Purdue text, Wellbeing, and concepts from Simon Sinek’s It Starts With Why.

NC State has established a Wellness Committee charged with creating and maintaining a culture that supports and promotes the overall wellness of NC State students, staff and faculty.The committee advises University administration and wellness partners to encourage inclusive dialogue, programs, services and initiatives that foster healthy decision-making.


  • Develop an NC State wellness strategy and further develop the vision for health and wellness across six elements of well-being: purpose, financial, physical, emotional, social and community.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of a wellness strategic plan.
  • Recommend policies and strategies to support wellness initiatives for students, staff and faculty.
  • Support and encourage evidence-based programs and research related to wellness.

Learn more about the culture of wellness at NC State at wellness.ncsu.edu

NC State’s Six Elements of Wellness


Wolfpack Wellness Power Lunch Series

The Wolfpack Wellness Power Lunch Series is a monthly Lunch and Learn series designed to promote Staff and Faculty well-being. Staff and Faculty have the opportunity to learn about different wellness topics, derived from chronic conditions and issues that employees at NC State face every day. This series is also an opportunity to network with your co-workers and enjoy a healthy lunch.

Wolfpack Wellness Power Lunch Series sessions are held on the second Wednesday of each month from 12:30-1:30 pm across campus. Seats are limited so registration is required.

Wolfpack Power Lunch Series

NC State Wellness Champion Program

NC State Employee Wellness Champions are university staff and faculty who have a special interest in facilitating an innovative culture and environment of wellness in their college, unit, or department. NC State Employee Wellness Champions volunteer to promote university-wide wellness initiatives in their departments by communicating health and wellness activities to their colleagues, encouraging and motivating staff and faculty participation, planning and conducting wellness activities, and working collaboratively to promote health and wellness in their units.

Sign up for Wellness Champions here!

More information including a list of current champions

Well Wolfpack Certified Program

The Well Wolfpack Certification annually distinguishes departments who have made a commitment to cultivating a culture of wellness in the workplace. If your unit supports and encourages staff and faculty health and wellness, apply to be recognized as a Well Wolfpack Certified Organization. Certify your organization by completing the Well Wolfpack Certified Organizations Online Form

Application Period Opens Spring 2022

The certification application includes points in the areas of:

  • Active Workplace
  • Nutrition
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Culture of Wellness


Gold Certified


151-168 points (90 – 100%)

Silver Certified


134 -150 points (80 – 89%)

Bronze Certified


117 – 133 points (70 – 79%)

Use the certification as a way to promote your organization, including displaying the certificate or certification seal on your website.

More Information Here

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