Employee Emergency Loan Program

The Emergency Loan Program (ELP) provides NC State faculty, staff, county employees, and house officers/post docs with financial assistance to borrow money for short-term emergency situations. Eligible employees can apply for a short-term emergency loan which is paid back to the university via payroll deduction in accordance with the program criteria and process.

Examples of situations warranting the use of an emergency loan, may include, but are not limited to: a family medical emergency, threatened foreclosure, eviction, or rent arrears from a primary residence, emergency automobile repairs, or termination of utilities.

Loan Application Process

  • Employees who need to apply for an emergency loan must submit an Employee Emergency Loan Request & Authorization for Payroll Deduction form along with supporting documentation. The supporting documentation requested could include medical bills, mortgage/rental statement, emergency car repair bill/estimate, or utility statement that are less than 30 days old.
    • The loan application can be accessed through MyPack Portal under “Benefit Details.”
  • Loan requests are reviewed by the University Human Resources ELP Coordinator. The ELP Coordinator will notify the employee, in writing, regarding the approval or denial of their emergency loan application, once the loan application has received final review approval/denial from the Director of Benefits, or their designee.
  • If approved for an emergency loan, the loan amount requested will be processed through accounts payable. Payment to the employee will take approximately one week from the approval date of the loan.

Questions and Assistance

Employees with questions regarding the Employee Emergency Loan Program or requiring assistance to complete the employee emergency loan request and authorization for payroll deduction form should contact University Human Resources – Emergency Loan Program Coordinator at emergency_loan@ncsu.edu.

Confidentiality: All requests for loans from the Employee Emergency Loan Program will be kept confidential. No record of this loan will be placed in the employee’s personnel file unless the employee fails to repay the loan as arranged.