NC State Legal Services Plan

NC State offers eligible employees a low-cost legal services plan through Hyatt Legal (A MetLife company). By participating in this plan, employees have access to a wide array of legal services to meet personal and family needs. Services and referrals are available through a network of providers at an affordable cost.

Who’s Eligible?

Regular SHRA/EHRA NC State employees who work 20 (.5 FTE)or more hours per week for 9 or more months per year on a recurring basis are eligible to participate in the Hyatt Legal Plan. Eligible dependents and legal spouses are also covered.

What Services Are Available?

Eligible employees and dependents are entitled to receive certain legal services through this plan at no cost or at discounted rates. While benefits are comprehensive, limitations apply and other conditions must be met. Examples of services include but are not limited to: advice and consultation, consumer protection, small claims assistance, debt matters, identity theft defense, document preparation, certain family law services, immigration assistance, traffic and criminal matters and wills and estate planning.

For detailed information on covered services, visit the Hyatt Legal Plan website, enter the password 2660010, and click on Covered Services. The Hyatt Legal Plan website also provides an Attorney Locator feature, and an exercise to determine an individual’s legal needs.  You can contact Hyatt Legal at 1-800-821-6400 to get an attorney referral.

Legal Services Plan Fact Sheet

How Much Does The Plan Cost?

The Hyatt Legal Services Plan premium amount is $9.00 per month and the premium is payroll-deducted on a post-tax basis.

How Do I Enroll or Make Changes?

New employees are eligible to enroll within the first 30 days of employment. Coverage becomes effective the first of the second month following the hire date. Once outside of the initial 30-day eligibility window, employees may enroll/cancel the Hyatt Legal Plan only during annual enrollment, held in the fall, for a January 1 effective date. You may submit an enrollment form to the Benefits Office to enroll/cancel.

What If I Leave Employment?

Any covered participant who leaves NC State employment may continue with the Hyatt Legal Plan through a direct-pay option.

Coverage will end on the last day of the month in which your employment ends.  For example, if your last day of work is March 20, your coverage would end on March 31.