The Goddard School- Ridge Road Location

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The Goddard School- Ridge Road

NC State has established a partnership with The Goddard School, 1215 Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27605 to increase access and capacity to quality child care.  This partnership began March 1, 2019. NC State partners with The Goddard School to provide reimbursement of the initial deposit and registration fees. The Goddard School will offer a 5% discount on tuition for families enrolled.

Benefits of this Provider Partnership:

  • This provider is located in very close proximity (less than 2 miles) to the NC State campus.
  • This is a new four-star facility that provides quality child care for children ages infants to 6 years old.  
  • Priority consideration has been given to eligible NC State families for current and future child care openings that become available at this center’s location. This will increase opportunities for greater access to child care in the downtown Raleigh area for our eligible NC State families.


  • Full-time Faculty, Staff, and PostDoc Employees are eligible for this benefit.
  • An employee’s classification must be EHRA, SHRA, or PostDoc and the employee must be at .75FTE or greater equivalency on a 9 month or greater reoccurring contract basis.
  • Students, including graduate students, are not eligible for this benefit but may participate in our discount providers program.


  • Interested parents may contact The Goddard School directly to inquire about these openings and to request an appointment to tour the facility.
  • Interested families will be required to complete the center’s enrollment application for their names to be added to the NC State wait list of interested families (spaces to be filled on a first-come basis)
  • Interested families are required to complete and submit the center’s application for enrollment to reserve their space
  • Slots will be filled on a first-come basis, if there are no available spaces, families will be notified of their position on the NC State wait list at the Goddard Ridge Road location.
  • For current available spaces only: families who reserved a space at the center must have their child(ren) begin attending the school no later than September 3, 2019.

NC State has agreed to pay the following to secure and reserve available child care spaces at this center, subject to availability and demand:

½ month deposit and $150 registration fee.

  • Eligible NC State families interested in enrolling their child(ren) at the center will be required to pay the child care tuition deposit or registration fee typically required to enroll in the center.
  • This deposit will be credited to the families first month of tuition paid once enrollment begins at Goddard.

  • This Goddard School location will offer a 5 percent discount on standard tuition for NC State families enrolling at the center.
  • The Goddard School child care tuition rates may be subject to change, at their discretion. Please contact The Goddard School directly for their current tuition rates.
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