Marriage, a qualifying life event, creates a 30-day window of opportunity during which many benefit plan changes can be made without waiting for annual enrollment.  As of October 10, 2014, marriage may include opposite-sex or same-sex marriage partners.

Benefits Changes

Benefit plan changes, including the addition of your spouse to health, dental, vision, life etc. and adjustments to flexible spending account contributions, must be made within 30 days of the event date. Other changes such as increasing life insurance may require statement of health approval.

Due to the change in same-sex marriage laws, those same-sex partners married prior to October 13, 2014, may use the October 10, 2014 date as the marriage date.  This 30-day window to enroll will continue through November 12, 2014.  After this enrollment window closes, you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment to enroll your same-sex spouse unless a qualified life event occurs such as loss of other health coverage, etc.  If you get married after October 10, 2014, same-sex marriage will continue to be a qualifying life event. You will have 30 days from the date of the marriage to add your spouse to your coverage. The effective date of coverage will be the 1st of the following month.

Coverage changes are done through the State Health Plan/NCFlex online enrollment system with qualifying life events.  Such events are defined as birth, death, divorce, now eligible for other coverage, loss of other coverage, adoption, etc.  Coverage changes are effective the first day of the month following the date of the life event.  Eligible employees can access this online system by going go to the MyPack Portal and logging in.  Once logged in, click on FOR FACULTY & STAFF at the top in the black bar.  In the center of the page, you will see Employee Self Service.  Click on “Enroll in Benefits” and you will be logged in to the online enrollment system.  At the far left, under the QuickLinks, click on “eEnroll-Click Here to Enroll”.  This will put you into the online enrollment system.

Once in the online enrollment system, click on “Benefits”.  If changes are for this year, click on the Current Benefits tab.  Then you may click on each benefit that you wish to make changes by clicking on “view/edit info”.

The HR Benefits Office will need a copy of the marriage certificate/license to approve this life event.  The Benefits Office will contact you via email to request this after you create the life event benefit change.  Then for each benefit you want to change, click on “view/edit information” and use the life event of marriage.

Visit the State Health Plan web site for rate information.

To make changes to the MetLife Group Term Life Insurance (including beneficiary changes) complete a form found at

Beneficiary Changes

To change beneficiaries for the following plans, click on the associated web links:
TSERS (State Retirement System) –
MetLife Life Insurance –
NCFlex Group Term Life – MyPack Portal: Faculty & Staff/Employee Self Service/Enroll in Benefits
Fidelity Optional Retirement Plan –
TIAA Optional Retirement Plan –
Fidelity 403b –
TIAA 403b –
Prudential 401k/457 –


Marriage can lead to the need for updating both federal and state tax withholding exemptions. Visit the University Payroll web site to make withholding changes and to estimate your tax liability.

Legal Matters

If you currently participate in the pre-paid legal plan, services such as family law, real estate matters, wills and estate planning may be available to you at a reduced cost. Visit the Hyatt Legal Plans web site and use password 2660010 to put your plan to work!

Name and Address Change

Visit the MyPack Portal to make address changes through the Employee Self Service area.  Name changes require documentation and can made with your department’s HR representative.