The opportunity to regularly engage in personally meaningful and satisfying work that aligns with values and goals.

Research indicates that having a satisfying work-life has a positive impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.



Purpose Well Being Resources

Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD)

Learning & Organizational Development (L&OD) builds the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NC State’s workforce by helping them develop and achieve their potential so that the organizations they work for can succeed and grow. L&OD fosters a learning culture where employees are engaged in continuous learning. They facilitate this learning by delivering talent and organizational development strategies and services focused on motivating, engaging and educating a committed and high performing workforce. https://lod.hr.ncsu.edu/

FASAP Guidance Resources Online

Provides expert information on career development and work-life balance. Go online: guidanceresources.com, Your NC State Web ID: FASAP

Employee Recognition Programs – 

Throughout the year, NC State employees are recognized for achievements, accomplishments, and service. Through programs like Pride of the Wolfpack, NC State Awards for Excellence, and many more we honor the outstanding accomplishments of our staff and faculty members. https://benefits.hr.ncsu.edu/employee-recognition-programs/

Tuition Waiver Program –

The Tuition Waiver Program provides an opportunity for eligible staff and faculty to have tuition waived for courses taken at University of North Carolina System Institutions. Courses may be taken for career development or for personal interest. NC State permits the waiver of tuition for eligible full-time faculty and staff for up to three (3) courses per year through any UNC System school. https://treasurer.ofb.ncsu.edu/cashier/employees/index.php

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