Financial Wellness

NC State is dedicated to helping our staff and faculty be financially well. Financial Wellness is one of NC State’s Six Elements of Wellness and is defined as the “awareness of current financial position and budgets and having the resources to meet basic needs by saving and spending wisely”. Our goal is to help educate and empower staff and faculty for financial success by having a variety of available resources.

40% of working Americans say that personal financial issues distract them at work

37% of working Americans find it difficult to manage finances

Source: 2015 MassMutual “Employee Benefits Security Study”                    

Financial Wellness Workshops

The HR-Benefits team offers financial wellness workshops to NC State Staff and Faculty often collaborating with our retirement plan and WolfPerks vendors to bring expert financial resources to campus.


TIAA Financial Wellness Workshops

The following workshops will be held in Talley Student Union, Room 4140. Presenters include experts from TIAA and NC State’s On-Campus TIAA Representative. Registration for these events is required.

January 2018

  • January 19th | 12:15-1:15 pm | Why and how retirement savings should begin now | Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • The real effect of time on money.
      • Why saving for your retirement is important and how to plan.
      • Understanding debt and how to manage it.
      • How budgeting can help you find and save money.
  • January 26th | 12:15-1:15 pm | Money at Work 1: Foundations of Investing | Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • Managing risk versus reward.
      • Understanding the role of investing and managing investment risks.
      • Augmenting programs to help accelerate savings.
      • Products and tools to sustain a portfolio.

February 2018

  • February 2nd | 12:15-1:15 pm | Tomorrow in Focus: Saving for your ideal retirement| Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • Retirement Saving and Planning.
      • The real benefit of time in regards to saving.
      • The essential features of retirement investments.
  • February 6th | 12:00-1:00 pm | Woman 2 Woman Financial Series Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • Evaluating your financial health and setting realistic goals
      • Discover how to make your money work harder
      • Financial tips for women
  • February 16th | 12:15-1:15 pm | Money at Work 2: Sharpening Investment Skills | Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • An intermediate guide to investing building off of Money at Work 1.
      • Evaluating your savings progress to help determine how to maximize your potential growth and minimize your potential risks.
      • Getting to know your investing personality and strategies in more detail.

March 2018

  • March 5th | 12:15-1:15 pm | Inside Money- Managing Income and Debt | Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • How to help make your money work.
      • The importance of cash flow and how to use it.
      • Saving and spending.
      • Understanding debt and how to manage it.
  • March 26th | 12:15-1:15 pm| Halfway There- A Retirement Check Up | Register Here
    • Topics Include:
      • A mid-career financial checkup.
      • Evaluating your current savings.
      • Formulating a plan to reach your savings goals.
      • How to manage what is competing with retirement savings – college savings, short-term savings, etc.

Ready to Retire

August 31, 2018 | Talley Student Union State Ballroom| 1:00 – 5:00 PM

Ready to Retire is a half-day session that provides comprehensive information about retirement. Speakers include individuals from the Social Security Administration, North Carolina State Health Plan, NC State University Benefits Department, TIAA, Fidelity, and Prudential.

The next Ready to Retire Workshop will be held Friday, August 31, 2018 in the Talley Student Union State Ballroom.

Registration will open May 15, 2018.

PNC Financial Wellness Workshops

In partnership with NC State, PNC will offer staff and faculty financial literacy and education workshops through its PNC WorkPlace Banking® program.

These workshops will be offered throughout NC State’s campuses and will focus on giving staff and faculty the confidence, information, and tools needed to make informed financial decisions that help achieve thier goals.

PNC Workshop Information and Interest Survey

Financial Wellness Resources

On-Campus Certified Financial Planners

Meet with representatives from our retirement plan vendors for financial and retirement related advice. These certified financial advisers meet with employees at no cost and provide expert advice and resources to NC State Staff and Faculty.

  • Fidelity – Eric Svenson, 919-452-6980,
  • TIAA – Allen Schiff, 704-988-2070,
  • Prudential – Christy Daly, 919-602-8226,
  • CAPTRUST is a third party, independent group of advisors working with the UNC System. CAPTRUST provides institutional and private investors with financial advice and fiduciary support. Contact CAPTRUST directly at 1-800-967-9948.

Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FASAP)

The faculty and staff assistance program (FASAP) provides support and resources for employees personal and work-life issues. Speak by phone with Certified Public Accountants and Certified Financial Planners on a wide range of financial related issues including:

  • Getting out of debt
  • Credit card or loan problems
  • Tax questions
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Saving for college


The Wolfperks program is designed to save NC State University faculty and staff money on products and services locally and nationally. WolfPerks provides employee-only discounts and special purchasing programs ranging from campus dining and Wolfpack Athletics to cellular service and dental care.

PNC WorkPlace Banking

PNC, the official bank of NC State University, offers WorkPlace Banking resources to staff and faculty. PNC’s WorkPlace Banking program delivers financial services, exclusive benefits and rewards, and a commitment to fostering financial wellness.

State Employees Credit Union  

By being a NC State employee you are eligible to join the State Employees Credit Union. SECU offers members Checking Accounts, Salary Advance Loans, Mortgage Loans, New/Used Vehicle Loans, and Financial Advisory Services.

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