2021 Benefits Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment

Benefits Annual Enrollment October 15-31, 2020

This year’s Annual Enrollment (AE) period for benefit plan changes is October 15-31, 2020. Changes made during the AE period will become effective January 1, 2021, for plan year January 1, 2021 – December 31, 2021. Great news for the upcoming year; many plan costs are remaining the same or decreasing, while providing the same or enhanced benefits!

Annual Enrollment is your opportunity to review your benefit elections and make changes for the upcoming 2021 plan year. All members of the State Health Plan must take action during Annual Enrollment in order to reduce monthly premiums. You may make State Health Plan and NCFlex changes through the state’s online enrollment system accessible via the MyPack Portal, by calling the enrollment center at 855-859-0966, or via the Benefitfocus app. (Note that the benefits enrollment portal contains SSNs, so by downloading the app, SSNs will show.) Changes to other benefits such as MetLife Life Insurance, Hyatt Legal, and Voluntary Long Term Disability Plans are all completed via paper forms.

Be sure to review the online tutorials below and attend a Zoom session detailing changes for next year. If you need help enrolling in your State-wide benefits, call 855-859-0966 to enroll over the phone. Our goal is to have 100% of staff and faculty complete the Annual Enrollment process.

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What’s New for 2021

  • State Health Plan members who select a Clear Pricing Project Provider will have reduced copays.
    • $0 copay for their Primary Care Provider
    • Reduced copay for Specialist
  • MetLife Dental Plan will have a rate reduction. If you decide to switch Dental Plans for 2021, a waiting period for coverage will not apply.
  • For 2021, you can enroll in or increase Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance without having to provide Evidence of Insurability (EOI).
  • If you/your spouse are not currently enrolled in NCFlex Group Term Life, during Annual Enrollment you may purchase $20,000 of coverage (on yourself/your spouse) on a guaranteed issue basis (if you were not previously denied coverage). Amounts over $20,000 require EOI.
  • MetLife Life Insurance transitioned to a UNC System-administered plan effective September 1, 2020. The new System-administered life insurance plan includes a new rate structure decreasing some premiums, and includes an AD&D benefit at no additional cost.
  • The Standard Long-term Supplemental Disability Plan will have a rate reduction.

State Health Plan Updates

NCFlex Updates

NC State Benefit Plans

Information Sessions

Annual Enrollment presentations will be conducted via Zoom. You are cordially invited to attend one of these sessions to learn about benefit plan changes and updates for 2021. The schedule and registration for each Zoom session is below. You may register for any sessions that you’d like to attend.

Wednesday, Oct. 72:00pm
Thursday, Oct. 810:00am
Monday, Oct. 12
(en Espanol)
Wednesday, Oct. 14
(en Français)
Wednesday, Oct. 144:00pm
Thursday, Oct. 2210:00am
Monday, Oct. 263:00pm
Wednesday, Oct. 28
(en Espanol)

Tips and Resources


  • Review information carefully.
  • Take time to plan for the upcoming year.
  • Remember to re-enroll in FSAs for the upcoming year!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute!
  • Review, add and/or update beneficiaries in the enrollment portal for applicable plans.
  • All enrollments (online, phone and/or paper enrollment forms) must be completed and/or received by the HR Benefits Office no later than October 31, 2020.
  • Review MetLife life insurance information.
  • For online enrollment, don’t forget to SAVE!
  • Print/save confirmation statement from online enrollment or record date/time of your phone enrollment or save screenshot from app enrollment.
  • State Health Plan premiums are deducted in advance, so the first premium for 2021 is deducted in the December 2020 paycheck.
  • Review your State Health Plan premium deduction in December 2020 for accuracy.
  • Review your January 2021 paycheck for all other deductions.