Online Benefits Orientation for Staff and Faculty

NC State offers a comprehensive benefits package designed to provide a variety of choices for Staff/Faculty and their families.  Please take some time to review the following benefits and retirement plans available for employees.  SHRA=Subject to Human Resource Act.  EHRA=Exempt from Human Resource Act.

Benefits Eligibility

Benefit Eligibility

< .49 FTE

.5 -.749 FTE

> .749 FTE
less than a 9 mo. appointment

> .749 FTE
9mo. or greater contract/appt.

Temps, Student Workers

Health Insurance Not eligible Eligible, but at full cost Eligible, but at full cost Eligible for employer-paid coverage for employee, dependents are at full cost May be eligible for employer-paid ACA health plan
Other insurance plans (dental, vision, etc.) Not eligible Eligible, but at full cost Eligible, but at full cost Eligible, but at full cost Not eligible
Mandatory Retirement Plans Not eligible Not eligible Not eligible Eligible Not eligible
Voluntary Retirement Plans Eligible Eligible Eligible Eligible Part-time faculty are eligible


Enrollment Period for Benefits/Retirement

Benefit Plans

Enrollment Period

Health, dental, vision, flex spending, cancer, accidental death, life, critical illness, legal plan 30 days from hire/start date.   Failure to enroll in your first 30 days may cause significant waiting periods or denial of coverage.
Mandatory Retirement Plans (TSERS or ORP) 60 days from hire/start date.  Failure to enroll in your first 60 days will result in a mandatory default into the TSERS plan.
Disability Plans (Liberty Mutual or Standard) 60 days from hire/start date.  These plans are dependent upon your mandatory retirement plan choice.  Failure to enroll may cause significant waiting periods or denial of coverage.


New 9-month Faculty Paid Over 12 Months

If a 9-month faculty member is hired in July but does not begin the actual contract work until August 16, benefits will begin on September 1.  9-month faculty have 30 days from August 16 to enroll in benefits and have 60-days from August 16 to enroll in a mandatory retirement plan and a voluntary disability plan. Failure to enroll in a mandatory retirement plan will result in a default to the Teachers’ and State Employees’ Retirement System (TSERS) plan.

Benefits Offered at NC State University

New staff/faculty can use the information below in lieu of or in addition to attending a Benefits Orientation in person. Once you complete the orientation below, you will need to complete the Online Benefits Confirmation at the bottom of the page.

Employer Contributions for Benefits

NC State makes a contribution towards the cost of some employee benefit plans. Click to view a summary of how the full or partial cost of benefit plans is provided for employees.

Online Benefits Confirmation

  • I attest that I went through the above online version of the benefit/retirement orientation and understand my options. I understand that I have 30 days from my start/hire date to enroll in my benefits. I have 60 days from my start/hire date to make a mandatory retirement election. I understand that if I do not elect a mandatory retirement plan, then I will be defaulted to the Teachers' and State Employees' Retirement System (TSERS). This is a life-time election/default.